Thursday, April 30, 2009

Toddler Bed

Today, after a couple of conversations with different friends, we decided to convert H's crib into a toddler bed. Boo-hoo! But, as you can see, she already loves it - she's been snuggling in it all afternoon and LOVES that she can get in and out all by herself!

Our plan is to put the baby gate that used to keep H out of our room so that Cats could have a toddler-free space, in front of her door so she can't come out. I'll let you all know how it works out!

I {heart} Consignment!

Today, H and I met a friend and her daughter in Issaquah for a fun filled errand running playdate. We met at the local SAHM Headquarters (aka Starbucks) and wandered over to the neighboring kids consignment shop - Me n' Moms. First important thing: Me n'Moms has a new owner - and so far she's fabulous! She has begun rearranging the shop, and the first thing she's done is get same sized long racks for the clothes, and organize them into a girls section and boys section and in order of size. Thank God! Now, when you browse, you can see over the tops of all the racks to find your running kiddo (or under the racks - there are now no toys stored beneath the clothes, so you can see your pint-sized shopping partner that way, too!). As I was chatting with the new owner, she said they were going to do more - putting the used toys all together in a section you could see from the whole shop and kids could play in, painting, getting in cool new things (like the whole entire See Kai Run line!) and adding community activities (storytimes, mom's night out with free wine and cheese, and baby wearing classes for a start!). She is renaming the store Small Threads (super cute!) and there will be a website and everything. As you can tell, I am really excited. She seems super cool, and (though I don't yet know her name) I think we might become friends :)
Anyhow - so during our time there, I found some sweet things for H. My friend, Kari, always wonders how I find H's cute stuff (Kari's baby Sonja loves the hand-me-overs!) and this is how - browse until my eyeballs fall out or H throws a tantrum! lol
Here's what we got - totalling under $20!

These are so cute! The top is hand embroidered and has no label. The shorts are OshKosh (and I saw them in the store literally last week full price) and the shoes, and a european brand!
My friend Ruth, who was with me, so knows my style. She saw this skirt and pulled it for me. Trendy red, brown, and turquise - yummy!
This one, too, is handmade by someone's grandma - hilariously adorable, almost inappropriately old print, but I thought I might die if I didn't get it for her!
We also picked up some Old Navy flower embroidered jeans in 3T size for next year. Yeah! And like I said earlier, all 6 items totalled under $20! Go Small Threads Consignment!

Friday, April 24, 2009

job continued.....

last night, before i went to sleep, i talked with a friend about this potential job. he said i shouldn't make a decision until i had slept on it - see what i would dream about and if it kept me up thinking. but i pretty much had made up my mind to leave the job be, and not go for it, so i didn't sit up all night, and i slept dreamlessly well.

today, however, i spoke about the job at length with multiple people, and my mind went yes and no and yes and no and wait and no and yes and wait. what was that?

and it hit me (thanks to a lunch friend, and an evening friend) - i am forcing what is in front of me and within reach to fit my needs, not offering my call where it might best fit.

my mind is racing about how foolish i have been running around, asking questions, choosing my own destiny, and not stopping to pray about any of it - only going going going..... and this evening james and i sat, talked and prayed it through, and it hit me. this call that i've been trying to push aside the last 2 years, that i've been avoiding by filling the space with desires like more babies, getting james through school unscathed, settling in at a new church, this call that i so desperately long for and loathe is not willing to wait for me to be ready any longer. my call wants to be made clear and known and acknowledged, and i am completely unwilling to let it in.
i know this because i cried.
i cried the tears i have cried in the past when i know god is working in and on me and it hurts because i have built the walls up so firm and tough to keep god out yet it's so easy for god to crumble them down. i cried the ridiculous and gasping wails of a baby w ho doesn't know when she will be fed - she only knows she's hungry and can't control circumstances keeping that food from her. i sobbed knowing that i could no longer keep god carefully and convieniently at arms length in a safely labeled cubby, and that i would have to start caring again.
i loved being able to say no and pick up a book or watch a trashy reality tv show - i loved letting the caring be left to someone else, only talking theology like it was politics, and feeding my mind with theories, leaving my heart to starve. it was/is simple that way. but i cried, because i know it can be no longer.

because i've been keeping myself from acknowledging my call, i still can't yet say what it is in entirety. but it involves a few things for sure:

* a need to participate (actively and in planning/facilitating) in adult education/faith formation in my church instead of children and family programs (which i've never been fond of, and think i just fell into at HSLC because i have a child and family)
* more education. likely a Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle U

i have sharp feelings about these things for many reasons (probably a good factor in why i have been avoiding call), many are reasons i feel i'm not ready, many involve the people that count on me to be in the places i am now, and many are because i don't want to go to Seattle U.

but, tonight, i can't sleep, and i think about my friend saying, if you're up at night thinking of things that are exciting you then they are worth the thoughts. now if only i could recognize what parts are exciting, and what others are just pieces i'm trying to fit where i feel they belong.....

gosh, such a ramble...... hopefully i'll get more clear (in my writing and in my thoughts!) as this journey rolls onward!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so, a dear friend just suggested i apply for the youth director position at our church.
for those of you who know me, what do you think? the church is a progressive community {the reason we choose to go there} and i'm not exactly {or really at all} a "typical" youth director.... however, my friend had some good reason for me to apply.
i've started this ministry at church called spirited.home that lends itself to multiple situations as a discussion starter. i could do some really cool things with youth - i've always been someone that "youth" are attracted to and willing to talk with. i dunno........ i have to read the job description....... more later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


has anyone other then me noticed that there are all these shows with "housewives" and none of them are actually housewives?!?!? the most humorous part, in my opinion, is that ABC's "desperate housewives" is the ONLY ONE! {disclaimer: it is also one of my FAVORITE shows so.....} bravo network has a long list of "real housewives" reality shows {which i admit, i also watch almost as religiously} orange county, new york, atlanta, and next new jersey - and i have yet to see an actual housewife! every single one of these ladies has some kind of work - and even those who can work from home (jewelry designer, author, skin care line creator, whatever else) they all have help! people-what does it mean to be a housewife to you? i would never really believe these examples!


yesterday: sicko kiddo with elmo

today: pushing a colored pencil, mcdonalds toy, and banana rounds all around the house!

wouldn't it be nice if we could be as swiftly rehabilitated?!

Monday, April 20, 2009


last night we had a couple of sick-o's up in here :(

james has had a flubug for a few days {and actually stayed home from class this morning for the first time EVER!} and H has had a crusty/drippy nose for the weekend. last night, H went down for bed fairly normal around 745ish, but then just before james and i were to hit the sack she started scream-crying. now, normally, if she wakes up and crys or moans, we leave her be and she puts herself back to sleep within a couple of minutes.... like i mentioned before, last night they were scream-cries. so, like any good parent who thinks their child is dying or close to fatally injured when they hear that noise, we went in.

she was REALLY upset, and crying like i've never seen before, so since it was midnight and we live in a condo with {very} close neighbors, i let sick-o james go to bed and i took H out to the dark living room and snuggled on the couch with her watching an elmo episode.

however, H did not reallly settle down - she was still moaning and generally sounding really hurt - i tried giving her some warm milk, whatever. then, she puked - really puked, all over herself, the couch, the toss pillows, whatever. poor sick-o kiddo :( no wonder! after cleaning her all up, i took her to the chair in her room and started to read her a story, but she was out 30 seconds after we opened the book. mommie got to go to her own bed around 230am and H didn't wake up this morning til 9.

today is looking a little better, H's watching yo gabba gabba and playing with some toy cars {ooh, as i write this she's finally drinking a little watered down juice!}. wish us luck today - it's BEAUTIFUL outside, and i'm not sure we're gonna make it out the door!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i must admit - i've been really loving reading all these blogs recently! My favorites are here, here, here, and here. i am inspired to write about ALL things now, the wonderful meals i prepare, the crafts i attempt, the parenting trials and joys, favorite links - and pictures....... these ladies feed my hungry eyes with georgous photos of any and everything. i LOVE it!

So, let's start with this AMAZING dish i made friday night for dinner. i recently got this cookbook, real food for healthy kids and it's really good (in my opinion, much better then it seems!). the dish i made was the chicken cherries jubilee with goat cheese - yummy! even H enjoyed it (she's been in a major toddler eatting stage where she doesn't eat..... she just likes to drink). here's a basic rundown of what it was:

4 chicken breasts, sliced horizontally and stuffed with 1 oz goat cheese per breast. season with salt, pepper, and sprinkly each breast with 1 tbs flour. saute in olive or grapeseed oil about 6 min each side and remove from pan. saute 1 finely chopped shallot for about 1 min in same pan used for chicken. add 1 cup chicken stock, and 1 lb dark cherries with their juice (i used frozen ones i thawed in the microwave and the "juice"). season to taste and boil til reduced by half. you pour the sauce over the chicken, and whalaa - DELICIOUSNESS in 20 minutes or so! we served it with steamed sugar snaps, and i might add some brown rice next time. i wish i had taken a picture for ya'll - it was worthy. this will be what i make for whomever is our next dinner guest!

on the crafting front, i am a little frusterated because i have begun this beautiful tunic apron TWICE now, needing to pull it all out and start all over again! the first time, i had too few stitches, the second time, too many - so this next time, i will not forget stitch markers - however annoying they might be, they WILL stay in place the WHOLE PIECE! errr....... but i think it will be worth the trouble in the end, it's pretty isn't it?!

in the meantime, i want to finish a pretty and perfect square for H's quilt before i attempt to cast the apron again...... here's what i've got so far...........
and finally, since easter was last week, and there was no sunday school, our ITSS met for "easter" this morning. i had made an "alleluia box" before lent with notecards i had written "ALLELUIA!" on. the point was that during lent, we choose not to speak or sing that word so when the joy of easter arrives, we can savor it and shout it (with excitement similar to tasting chocolate or caffeine for the first time in 45 days!) well, since today was the first ITSS after easter, the kiddos were able to open the box and here's what they found:

each kid was able to take 1 set home (sorry moms and dads!) and the rest will stay in the classroom to be used whenever we sing our alleluia songs :)

well now. here's what (hopefully) my blog will be. i have enjoyed posting this evening - hope you enjoyed hearing what i'm up to!