Friday, September 10, 2010

here goes nothing!

adventures are abounding in the colver household this month.  first and foremost, H began preschool!! here are her first pictures:
her before we leave shot with her preschool-specific bag, and one james took with him phone just before we left.  see? she didn't miss us at all!  when we picked her up, she started singing us this song they learned about sticky, sticky bubblegum, and crashed out in the car before we got home.  she took a 2 hour nap - i LOVE preschool!! :)

the other news is that james' mother passed away earlier this week.  as we are celebrating the start of school for the 3 of us, and new chapters for our family, we are closing the book on one members life, and it has been difficult.  james and his sister are working well together to make the most of the situation with the siblings living so far apart, and cousins on the other side of the country - everyone with families and children and schedules to factor in.  it has not been simple, but they are truly doing their best. 

also, james has his required Washington DC class/internship this coming week, which, if he drops the class, he will not be able to graduate this year and his whole internship requirement will have to be re-started.  also, H has just started school and shouldn't miss so much right off the bat, i start school on the 22nd, and i have my hysteroscopy - which took 9 months and 7 different doctors/specialists to schedule - on the 25th.  so basically, H and I won't be able to go to CA with James, and he won't be able to go until after DC, which means:
Liz will be single parenting it for just over 2 weeks. 
like the title of this post says, here goes nothing!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

naptime somewhere

did you all know that i have been co-authoring a blog with my friend melissa over at  as i get situated in my family's new 3-school routine this fall, i will be back to much better and regular blogging!