Saturday, February 2, 2008

happy new year

A little catch up after the busy holiday season! Hazel took her first car trip to California to see James’ family for thanksgiving. We spent Christmas day here at home with my family. And we really enjoyed celebrating some of the 12 days of Christmas with friends old and new. And now, Hazel is SO close to crawling, she had 4 teeth cut through in this past week (no, I’m not kidding, and she wasn’t very thrilled with it, either!), and she is eating quite a few solid foods, while trying to continue nursing at least a few times a day (if mom can continue standing all 6 teeth!).
James and I started a belated new year’s bet with one another – every day I exercise, he is not allowed to shave his beard. The goal is to get him past the itchy stage and see if he can grow a full beard, and to get me working out (the ‘I just had a baby’ excuse expires after 6 months!). The catch is that we just broke down and got Comcast’s On Demand and DVR, and all I want to do is watch T.V! I guess the double catch is that, with this DVR, we are also able to record and watch at anytime – which also means, after working out! And with On Demand, there are actually really great work out’s in the sports and fitness section, so I have no excuses any longer.
James and I both got new bikes for Christmas (and Hazel got a trailer), and we are trying to get back into cycling. We give each other little opportunities to cycle as mini training since Hazel has to be 12 months to ride in her trailer. It’s awfully hard, when I rode to the store and back the other day, I got off my bike and thought there was an earthquake – my legs were shaking so hard! Even James is puffing harder after a few miles, so we have a lot of work to do, but it will be worth it. Cycling lets you see the world around you, helps you to feel alive, and James loves it, so no harm no foul!
Hazel started crawling last week. She is now moving EVERYWHERE, and it's a little scary. I feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to childproof - and I can hardly leave her for a second without coming back to a cord in her mouth or something! We should have a babyproofing party.....that's all for now, a little catch up!