Wednesday, November 5, 2008

response to the question of morals - american and christian, alike...?

I believe that Jesus works from the least of us on upwards. And when I think of real, honest, biblical christian values, I believe that Jesus was a community organizer who asks us to participate in helping the poor, oppressed, huIrting, friendless, and aching before we look to helping ourselves. I believe that Barack Obama and the democratic party holds these biblical basic christian values more closely, and more truely, than they understand. Regardless to my religious values, I also know that Barack Obama is a constitutional lawyer, meaning his speialty is in upholding our origional American rights, and I believe that in office, he will restore the truth and value to our rights to have a voice, to freedom of speech, to honest informity, and to religious freedoms. I also believe that in our global community, Christ calls us to a ministry of peace and non-violent justice, and under the presidency of President Obama, we will have more opportunity to work with the wider global community to restore and create peace in regions where God's children are being tortured and persecuted.When you read our American Constitution, you read that justice, freedom, and rights to be individuals are the reasons our forefathers came searching for a new land to call home. When you look at our basic human instincts to love and be loved, you can see why the constitution was written to include values such as these. When you try to connect religion to the values of American justice, you de-value the power and majesty of God, who was the sole reason America was founded - these people wanted the right to be free and holy people, able to worship and praise outside of nationalized catholicism. In this new age of Obama, I feel that as a christian american, I now can find the hope in sharing God in a healthy way again, by Loving, not judging. By supporting, not condemning. By reading scripture and remembering all the examples CHrist has given me to share that love. Obama will attempt to renew a care and concern for the planet God gave us. Obama will attempt to create an opportunity for the least and most needing americans to be cared for health wise. Obama will attempt to restore the dignity of people who are losing their homes due to mortgage fraud. Obama will attempt to restore pride and faith in government by fixing the damage done that has enabled the middle class to fall farther and deeper into poverty. I believe that Christ proved time and time again that judgement belongs to God, and God alone. I am proud to be an american under this presidency because I feel that finally, for the first time in my adult life, I will be able to share my faith in God in a way that will show non-judgement because my American nationality will no longer negate my intentions in the global community.