Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's been a crazy journey

i have been lax in blogging, and for that i appologize.  i really do like doing this, and i plan to get 'regular' again.  but life has been crazy, i think i mentioned in a recent previous post.  moving and school and life gets us all caught up and once the Bean is in bed, all i can think of doing it laying down on the couch and zonking out in front of something trashy.  i haven't knit in for.ev.er, and even though i got a brand-spankin-new sewing machine a few weeks ago, i have only really made one thing (curtains for the Beans new room).  but there is another reason i've been exhausted.  i'm knocked up (again, i know - lol).  this time i'm considered high risk and have multiple doctors monitoring my pregnancy, and i'm on daily injected blood thinner and baby aspirin, plus 5 folic acid pills and every other pregnancy vitamin we all take when necessary.  i'm due mid-September, so i'm hopefully out of the weeds as far as morning sickness goes, but we all know how my history doesn't mean i'm out of the weeds for safety for a while yet.  anyhow, we're having a housewarming/birthday party this weekend, and many friends didn't know yet.  since i'm showing - looking obviously pregnant, we felt it wasn't worth it to wait til i was birthing the baby to say, hey! look who's coming! lol
so there's the scoop.

Monday, March 7, 2011

holy schmoly!

we have been just as the last post said: busy, busy, busy.  to the point of unbelievably so.  however, some lovely things have been happening that i can hopefully share with you all in a bit.  for now, here's a decently-rounded chunk of news.

we moved. into a house.  better yet, our house :) i guess i need to take a street view shot one of these days, but i did manage to take a few after hanging some art yesterday.  here's our upstairs hallway (camera angled from the stair landing).  we.love.it.here.  seriously.  the first night sleeping under this new-to-us roof, surrounded by boxes of inaccessible belongings, we truly felt like we were home.  it was amazing.  we are still reeling from the speed at which this happened - at the time of the last post, we thought we would be moving in, but a bunch of back and forth stuff made it so that we were unsure we would be able to officially get the house until 1 week before we were due to close - which led to a crazy week of packing, setting up help, cleaning our apartment and giving notice, and more.  enough more, actually, to push dear james' immune system over the edge and we had a midnight ER run to learn he had pneumonia 3 days before the move!
needless to say, life has been chaotic, but wonderfully full of delight and much wanted/needed changes, and we are looking forward to our collective 'spring breaks.'
as i settle into the regularity of a routine again here, i will be better at posting again - pictures of settled corners included :)
thanks for hanging with me!