Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Assortment.....

Hi there, it's been a crazy couple of weeks - with a few more coming. Origionally, I thought that I would be so thrilled when May was over, thinking that June would be a much more mellow start to a lazy summer. Inaccurate to say the least. A month has never been so full!

Tomorrow, we have 3 {yes, that's correct three!} birthday parties to go to. And to make matters slightly more difficult, James has a massive sidejob to do and H and I will be partying alone. yikes!
However, these pictures share with you all the silver lining that comes with those parties tomorrow.
I love - repeat, LOVE wrapping presents. There is something quite theraputic to me, when the finding, choosing, and purchasing of a gift for someone can be stressful, wrapping it ever so specifically for the special someone is relaxing for me. Thank Jesus for this opportunity to relax during the month of June!

And, the first party is a princess dress up party, and H is completely excited. She picked out this dress at Target especially for the party { way to go H - it was mom's personal favorite, and the least expensive!}

Next week, we are going to visit family in CA {I know, in june - are we crazy?!} for 5 days, then it will be on to the finishing touches for H's 2nd birthday. Wow....

More coming, hopefully sooner than later!