Thursday, August 27, 2009

"fings and sides"

as hazel says, or in english swings and slides :) so far today, we have had a girls day. i was getting stir crazy after all the packing i've been doing, so we first went to small threads for kids, our local consignment store we love. hazel wanted to play at the train table, so while she did that i browsed the fall clothing options. hazel doesn't need much, but she's so tall - and growing taller by the minute - i started looking in the 3T section. when i found a cute pair of pants, they seemed short, so i held them up to hazel, and yup - they certianly were, as were all the rest of the 3T options! I ended up buying her 4T size leggings! she's 2 years old people! aye-yi-yi!

then, after hazel was finished taking her baby doll and testing out all the excersaucers and baby swings, we went to the park. at the park we went to, there are 2 swings, and when we arrived, there were 2 moms pushing their 2 toddlers in the 2 swings. alright, fair enough. but hazel really loves a swing, so she went up to the moms and very politely said, "my fing, please." the mom's didn't even acknowledge her, so i said to her, "these kids are taking their turns on the swings, when their turn is over, it will be your turn and you can go on the swings." she said okay, and we went to play on the slides.

10, 15, and 20 minutes later, hazel went over to the swings again, and each time politely asked, "my fing, please?" and the mom's still ignored her (while in the meantime their kids riding in the swings looked comatose). so each time i said (louder and louder so the mom's were certian to hear), "it's not your turn yet honey, when their mom's decide their turn is up, you will get to swing."

15 minutes later (this means, total we had been waiting for a turn for 35 minutes!) the mom's packed up to leave the park, and hazel got her turn. but no sooner had she been swinging 3 minutes, did a family with 2 boys come and want to swing. so when the older boy asked hazel for a turn, we did the polite thing, took 10 more counted pushes, and our turn was up. sigh. hazel was a good sport though, she was so polite and friendly during the whole park experience.

so we left the park, got sandwiches and soup for lunch and picnic-ed in the backyard before naptime. after she wakes up, i think we might go for a dip in the pool..... for the most part, really fun morning :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We are moving! Yup - to Bothell, and we are so excited!! We will be within 10 miles of so many people, places, and things that we travel the distance to now. We will be closer to James' school, church, friends, babysitters (!), and family.
There is much more! First, the apartment we are moving to has 3 bedrooms - which means we will have a study/guest room again - thank you jesus! And I can craft in there and maybe even leave my sewing machine out for longer than naptime. Next, James has started his own business, allied complete home and building repair through which he can work his multi-faceted magic and help pay our bills. He also got a massive scholarship to go to school full time, so his focus will be shifting back for a while (which will be good - he deserves a physical break). Also, I have applied for a Masters program. When the pieces all fall together I'll write more about it, but I'm VERY excited for it (and I may even start this fall - meaning next month!). Sigh. busy times, good times, healthy times, I can't wait!