Thursday, August 20, 2009


We are moving! Yup - to Bothell, and we are so excited!! We will be within 10 miles of so many people, places, and things that we travel the distance to now. We will be closer to James' school, church, friends, babysitters (!), and family.
There is much more! First, the apartment we are moving to has 3 bedrooms - which means we will have a study/guest room again - thank you jesus! And I can craft in there and maybe even leave my sewing machine out for longer than naptime. Next, James has started his own business, allied complete home and building repair through which he can work his multi-faceted magic and help pay our bills. He also got a massive scholarship to go to school full time, so his focus will be shifting back for a while (which will be good - he deserves a physical break). Also, I have applied for a Masters program. When the pieces all fall together I'll write more about it, but I'm VERY excited for it (and I may even start this fall - meaning next month!). Sigh. busy times, good times, healthy times, I can't wait!

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