Friday, October 31, 2008

I Don't Mind....

... when people have different opinions than mine. I am inspired by free thinking, relavent people who have done the adequate research and concluded their process at a different location than me. What i DO mind is punk ass idiots who get illigitimate internet forwards about sensitive issues, and blindly forward the crassly noninformative propoganda to others. It undermines those with appropriately gained opinions, captivates those who are unwilling to be intentionally informed, and, ultimately, puts the sender/forwarder in the most unflattering light to all those whom, at one time or another, respected them.
With 4 days left until the 08 election, if you are going to vote, you should have your mind decided by now. If so, trust your own decisive opinions, and if you don't, please, PLEASE, don't let the spam-crap about either side plant any chance of change in your mind. Research for yourself what you are trying to stand for with your opportunity to vote. Read EVERYTHING you can find (with a valid source), right AND left regardless, to determine for YOURSELF what you find valuable.