Monday, September 28, 2009

Settling In

hey all - no falling off the surface of the earth here, just close ;)

we are finished moving. actually, i was pretty ocd about unpacking and getting settled, so it was under a week when we were "settled" into the new place, but now we have internet, cable, and james is done commuting for his last few days of work, and we are a cheerful stay-at-home-family!

i started my masters classes at Seattle University last week. it's going to be difficult, but well worth it. i got an email from my synodical candidacy committee this afternoon saying to expect a call for appointments in the next week or so, so that's good. sunday school is 2 weeks in, and going well - we have a full curriculum this year, so the planning takes less each week, and we are both joyful for that! and the parenting course i am co-leading at our church began this evening and went quite nicely if i do say so myself (and i do!).

james starts school wednesday, and we have our whole week's scheduled out for family/study/excersize/alone/household chores times. we are really going to try terribly hard to stick to it, because our whole system of both doing school at the same time is precariously resting on the tip of that schedule. we appreciate prayers in our favor ;)

hazel is busting out new sentences and thoughts daily, and cracks us up literally thousands of times a day. she insists that all of her dolls and stuffies need diaper changes about 6x each daily, so we are learning about pretending (because, really, who can afford wipes for 30 toys?!)

hope this catches you all up! more later!