Thursday, April 30, 2009

I {heart} Consignment!

Today, H and I met a friend and her daughter in Issaquah for a fun filled errand running playdate. We met at the local SAHM Headquarters (aka Starbucks) and wandered over to the neighboring kids consignment shop - Me n' Moms. First important thing: Me n'Moms has a new owner - and so far she's fabulous! She has begun rearranging the shop, and the first thing she's done is get same sized long racks for the clothes, and organize them into a girls section and boys section and in order of size. Thank God! Now, when you browse, you can see over the tops of all the racks to find your running kiddo (or under the racks - there are now no toys stored beneath the clothes, so you can see your pint-sized shopping partner that way, too!). As I was chatting with the new owner, she said they were going to do more - putting the used toys all together in a section you could see from the whole shop and kids could play in, painting, getting in cool new things (like the whole entire See Kai Run line!) and adding community activities (storytimes, mom's night out with free wine and cheese, and baby wearing classes for a start!). She is renaming the store Small Threads (super cute!) and there will be a website and everything. As you can tell, I am really excited. She seems super cool, and (though I don't yet know her name) I think we might become friends :)
Anyhow - so during our time there, I found some sweet things for H. My friend, Kari, always wonders how I find H's cute stuff (Kari's baby Sonja loves the hand-me-overs!) and this is how - browse until my eyeballs fall out or H throws a tantrum! lol
Here's what we got - totalling under $20!

These are so cute! The top is hand embroidered and has no label. The shorts are OshKosh (and I saw them in the store literally last week full price) and the shoes, and a european brand!
My friend Ruth, who was with me, so knows my style. She saw this skirt and pulled it for me. Trendy red, brown, and turquise - yummy!
This one, too, is handmade by someone's grandma - hilariously adorable, almost inappropriately old print, but I thought I might die if I didn't get it for her!
We also picked up some Old Navy flower embroidered jeans in 3T size for next year. Yeah! And like I said earlier, all 6 items totalled under $20! Go Small Threads Consignment!

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