Monday, April 20, 2009


last night we had a couple of sick-o's up in here :(

james has had a flubug for a few days {and actually stayed home from class this morning for the first time EVER!} and H has had a crusty/drippy nose for the weekend. last night, H went down for bed fairly normal around 745ish, but then just before james and i were to hit the sack she started scream-crying. now, normally, if she wakes up and crys or moans, we leave her be and she puts herself back to sleep within a couple of minutes.... like i mentioned before, last night they were scream-cries. so, like any good parent who thinks their child is dying or close to fatally injured when they hear that noise, we went in.

she was REALLY upset, and crying like i've never seen before, so since it was midnight and we live in a condo with {very} close neighbors, i let sick-o james go to bed and i took H out to the dark living room and snuggled on the couch with her watching an elmo episode.

however, H did not reallly settle down - she was still moaning and generally sounding really hurt - i tried giving her some warm milk, whatever. then, she puked - really puked, all over herself, the couch, the toss pillows, whatever. poor sick-o kiddo :( no wonder! after cleaning her all up, i took her to the chair in her room and started to read her a story, but she was out 30 seconds after we opened the book. mommie got to go to her own bed around 230am and H didn't wake up this morning til 9.

today is looking a little better, H's watching yo gabba gabba and playing with some toy cars {ooh, as i write this she's finally drinking a little watered down juice!}. wish us luck today - it's BEAUTIFUL outside, and i'm not sure we're gonna make it out the door!

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ruth said...

That's so hard when your little one is sick! Throwing up is never fun, either (to put it mildly.) We're on the other end of the spectrum - I'm sick (though C has a cold) and have no voice, so I can't yell, if neccesary. We spent the day cleaning the house, stopping by work, going to the park & to Costco & then she took a nap. I was terrified that if I settled down, I'd fall asleep & Clara would have to take care of herself. Anyhoo, we got through the day. Tomorrow, I can "relax" at work. Hope H feels better soon!!