Sunday, April 19, 2009


i must admit - i've been really loving reading all these blogs recently! My favorites are here, here, here, and here. i am inspired to write about ALL things now, the wonderful meals i prepare, the crafts i attempt, the parenting trials and joys, favorite links - and pictures....... these ladies feed my hungry eyes with georgous photos of any and everything. i LOVE it!

So, let's start with this AMAZING dish i made friday night for dinner. i recently got this cookbook, real food for healthy kids and it's really good (in my opinion, much better then it seems!). the dish i made was the chicken cherries jubilee with goat cheese - yummy! even H enjoyed it (she's been in a major toddler eatting stage where she doesn't eat..... she just likes to drink). here's a basic rundown of what it was:

4 chicken breasts, sliced horizontally and stuffed with 1 oz goat cheese per breast. season with salt, pepper, and sprinkly each breast with 1 tbs flour. saute in olive or grapeseed oil about 6 min each side and remove from pan. saute 1 finely chopped shallot for about 1 min in same pan used for chicken. add 1 cup chicken stock, and 1 lb dark cherries with their juice (i used frozen ones i thawed in the microwave and the "juice"). season to taste and boil til reduced by half. you pour the sauce over the chicken, and whalaa - DELICIOUSNESS in 20 minutes or so! we served it with steamed sugar snaps, and i might add some brown rice next time. i wish i had taken a picture for ya'll - it was worthy. this will be what i make for whomever is our next dinner guest!

on the crafting front, i am a little frusterated because i have begun this beautiful tunic apron TWICE now, needing to pull it all out and start all over again! the first time, i had too few stitches, the second time, too many - so this next time, i will not forget stitch markers - however annoying they might be, they WILL stay in place the WHOLE PIECE! errr....... but i think it will be worth the trouble in the end, it's pretty isn't it?!

in the meantime, i want to finish a pretty and perfect square for H's quilt before i attempt to cast the apron again...... here's what i've got so far...........
and finally, since easter was last week, and there was no sunday school, our ITSS met for "easter" this morning. i had made an "alleluia box" before lent with notecards i had written "ALLELUIA!" on. the point was that during lent, we choose not to speak or sing that word so when the joy of easter arrives, we can savor it and shout it (with excitement similar to tasting chocolate or caffeine for the first time in 45 days!) well, since today was the first ITSS after easter, the kiddos were able to open the box and here's what they found:

each kid was able to take 1 set home (sorry moms and dads!) and the rest will stay in the classroom to be used whenever we sing our alleluia songs :)

well now. here's what (hopefully) my blog will be. i have enjoyed posting this evening - hope you enjoyed hearing what i'm up to!

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ruth said... can we come over & have this yummy chicken dinner?? I love your knitting projects. I'm glad you're sticking to the projects, even though they may seem frusterating at times. I'll have to knit vicariously through you : )