Sunday, June 13, 2010

prepare yourselves to be amazed!

since we just moved this weekend to a different unit in our same apartment complex, i had a built-in opportunity to do a much needed pantry/freezer inventory. i just made a grocery list for this weeks meal planner, and i have 5 things to buy for this weeks meals (this does not include the things i will get free with my WIC check).

here is the list:
*1# extra firm tofu
* 2 cans chicken
*1 can great northern beans
* fresh loaf of sourdough bread
* dried basil

here are the meals:
M-Rachel's white chicken chili (thanks rachel for the blog post!)
T-best baked eggs and salad
W-Sarah's phillipine chicken w/brown rice
H-thai coconut soup (in the slow cooker!) w/thai peanut tofu & chicken, & leftover brown rice
F-TJ's freezer phyllo margharita pizzas w/salad
S-H's birthday party, so it's tea sandwiches & cake for the entire day of meals
Sun- leftovers

i even am planning on making a slow cooker crunchy garbanzo bean snack for the week tonight, and have all the fixin's for some fun non-sandwich lunches for H, including an alphabet pasta salad perfect for toddlers :)

yup. i'm amazed, too !

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