Sunday, June 20, 2010

best birthday party part 1

hazel's 3rd birthday party was fantastic! the weather cooperated - though it seriously threatened not to - and the kids couldn't have had a better time if they tried! blogger won't let me upload all the pics i want into one post, so here's part 1: the set up!
these penant banners hung in the front yard trees - alerting people that the party was here, at my parents house

we had a tasty snack spread including pirates booty, sweet potato chips, tea sandwiches, cream puffs, sun tea for the adults, and 'toddler tea (fruit punch)' for the kiddles

dad and katy hung my felt garland from the deck bannister. it looked so great!

and more garland in the tree. i love that garland!

hazel asked for a chocolate cake, in the shape of a circle, with pink frosting and a candle. here's what we gave her! the flowers are starburst candies warmed in the microwave and quickly rolled out with a rolling pin and cut out with cookie cutters! the cake was a hit!

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Tara said...

BTW- I LOVE your felt circles!! really, I do.