Monday, June 7, 2010


this is the bed that we got for h at ikea last night. not much to look at, we know, but it was cheap and that's how we roll these days.
however, we have a plan. and that plan includes paint. we asked h what color bed she wanted, and she said green. so i found my favorite shade of green, seen on the notebook in the picture below, that we're going to color match in a super high glossy paint to paint the bed frame.

the pink = the sheets h choose at target today. pretty cute, huh? james asked if it matched, and i proceeded to show him pictures of bright pink flowers in nature with green leaves, and he shrugged indifferently :)this lovely comforter would really be the icing on the birthday-big-girl-bed-cake. but this will have to wait a bit longer....
lucky girl :)


Tara said...

I love the colors and goodness I hadn't considered a "big girl" bed for Ash until her toes come off the end of her toddler bed! ha Can't wait to see more pics of the birthday party - when you have it.

melissa said...

we love having a bigger-than-everybody-else bed for james. invarably, one of us sleeps half a night or more in there once a week.

and pink and green absolutely do match! mustard accents them well, too!