Friday, May 28, 2010

living life compartmentalized

today, james is putting the final touches on a big job, so i'm home with h - which is a traditional way to spend fridays in this house since i'm at school all day thursdays. james' whole day turn is done and h and i generally miss one another, so good times are had on fridays. on fridays, i do an excellent job playing with h - making art projects, cooking together, playing board games, and running outside. sometimes we get together with friends and have lunch, go to a story time, or even better - h's and my favorite past-time: target browsing :)

basically, i am good at compartmentalizing my life into its little foci areas and generally they don't interfere with the others.

but today, this friday, i am getting all twisted up with my priorities. i've got 3 final papers due in the next 6 days, h's birthday party is getting planned in my head (which is way more fun), and as of yesterday evening, we are officially moving in 12 days. across the parking lot, mind you - simply to another identical apartment to the one we're in now to officially forfeit our battle with mice (and let the mgmt team begin their own rodent battle in our absence). the new place is literally 100 yds away, so we don't really have to pack anything - just walk it all across the street in laundry hampers and wagons. but here's the rub:
i'm actually excited.
i am a strange person, and i love moving. not the 'beg your friends to lend a hand' part, or the 'change your address all over again' part. i love the fresh slate, organized home, chucking the accumulated trash, re-evaluating what you have, built-in opportunity for change, and even the actions of packing and unpacking. i even love the actual picking up of the boxes and furniture and literally 'moving' things part (if i have someone to watch h, i like to help others move for this very reason).
but i can't let myself slip into this particular pleasure zone because i've got 3 papers to write first!!!
mantra for the next 6 days......i think i can i think i can i think i can.....

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