Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my current to do list

i have 8 days left of school this quarter, and i am struggling to remember that there is stuff to do before classes end and not spend all my time daydreaming about what fun things i can do when quarters over! so here's my to do list for the next 8 days:
  • read 75 pages of Moe-Lobeda's "Public Church"
  • write History of the Reformation "So What" paper - 5-7 pages
  • write Christian Ethics Case Study Moral Deliberation paper - 5-7 pages
  • write Christian Sexuality "Toward a Renewed Theology of Human Sexuality" paper - 5-7 pages
  • care for my child
  • care for my house
  • care for my spouse (though this one could be a to-list casualty, to be honest)
  • go to four 3-hr classes

there are calendar obligations, as well - like a personel meeting at church, watching H's friend for a few hours this afternoon, J's classes, etc. i guess this doesn't look so bad.... though i must admit, my list includes things that i can redily check off and feel accomplished. things such as:

  • take a shower (i know - as a mom, i'm lucky this happens once a week before classes!)
  • put shoes away
  • make coffee
  • brush teeth
  • eat breakfast
  • make lunch for H
  • be pretty (a new suggestion for the list which i think i like!).......

you get the idea :)

wish me luck! i intend to post a blog about the things i intend to do on my downtime before my summer class starts in july - but it is intentionally left off the to-do list because i'll actually do it before anything else if it's there!!

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