Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Prep

H has, somewhere along the lines this past week, picked up on the fact that her birthday is coming up. She has been talking on her "phone" telling her friends about her birthday party, and everything I say, she has been responding with "for my burr-day pahr-dy?!" This evening, I decided to go out and pick up some felt to start cutting circles for this (shown in the above picture). H's party this year is going to be in Grandpa and Grandma Cherry's backyard garden, and we're going to hang this from the trees and deck. H was sleeping in the stroller while I did the shopping and picking out colors (shy selection at Lynnwood's Hancock fabrics, I might add - good thing I started looking early so I can round out the only blazing pink and green shades available!), and while we were in line to purchase, H suddenly woke up and told the lady in front of us
"We're getting treats for my burrday pahrdy!"
it was pretty cute :)


melissa said...

love, love, love!

RE: peanut said...

Darling...they have lots of wool felt at Pacific Fabrics. Just enabling.

I made one of these to welcome Finleigh, but she came to fast to get the house party ready!