Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mama needs a(nother) root canal

holy moly, friends - I have a toothache that rivals childbirth labor.  Seriously, I would MUCH rather be in labor than dealing with this pain.  This morning I skipped a masters level class for the first time to go to an emergency dentist visit. Basically, they told me a filling I have has become infected around it, and subsequently the nerve has, too and I'll need a root canal and a crown on it.  No big deal doc, I can handle it, just not this current state of pain I'm in.  But here's the rub:  they can't do it til NEXT FRIDAY because I need to be on antibiotics long enough to calm the infection so the work they do can be effective.  So he gave me vicodin and penicillin to take, but the penicillin won't stop the pain for 24 hours or so, and that leaves me drugged up - basically high from the vicodin, and crying like a baby in pain with a hot compress on my face. 

This Sucks.
pray for me :(

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cbq said...

Oh Liz! Been there, done that ( on a front tooth no less) I feel your pain. The only advice I would have is the oral b swabs. They numbed things at least for a little while! Good luck!