Tuesday, November 13, 2007

making your child stuffed animals.....

..... sounds like as much fun as it is, really! Now, I know that this creature (whom we have affectionately named Doug) is not the most beautiful stuffed pet you have ever seen (okay, it's hideous!), however, it is the first of many I will be creating, and I am excited for a new hobby (I only hope my kids, and my friends kids learn to love the little mutts!)!


Jen Fisher said...

I like your blog. How do i subscribe to it though? I'm new to all this, post back.

Jen Fisher


Mol said...

Did you check out the Strange Sock Creature kit at Barnes and Noble? If you're havin' fun with this project, you really should. It's awesome! I asked for it for Christmas, but . . . well . . . Ray just isn't wanting to be too "thoughtful" about me right now. However, he can seem to find it in his heart to buy the 14-year-old a $200+ iPod for his birthday to celebrate Michael's year of miserable grades and an almost failing report card. Lovely.