Monday, November 12, 2007

first foods

Iam seriously not kidding when I say James and I didn't deserve such a spectacular kid. I was a bit (a major bit) of a punk for my folks to deal with, and James wasn't all fun in the park, as it turns out, either. But, somehow, we managed to be gifted with a baby who has slept through the night since 8 weeks old, loves people and doesn't freak out in crowds, has yet to get sick or a diaper rash, loves taking showers with mommy, wakes up in the morning only to entertain herself for up to 40 minutes cooing away at her own baby reflection in her crib mirror, has had teeth for over a month and has yet to attack mommy during a nursing session, and is a massive flirtatious smiler to all people who ask for one (especially strange older women at target). And today, when we decided it would be alright to start giving her a bit or rice cereal for the first time - she not only ate it graciously, but she ate it gracefully! I mixed it with warmed formula - making about a tablespoons worth total, and loaded up the first spoonful. Here I come, ready to watch my daughter freak out, turning her tongue into a backhoe forcing every morsel out and onto her bib. But nope. Not my daughter. She excitedly opens her mouth, and dives forward for the spoon of delicious new adventures awaiting, full of the anticipation of loving food as much as mom and dad seem to. Yep, folks - believe me fully when I say my precious perfect daughter only has rice cereal around her mouth in this picture because mommy couldn't aim the spoon right! She ate EVERY BITE of the bit I made. I can hardly believe it myself. But I can't help but think, what will it be that she finally fights us on? Let's all pray it's picking a college (nice and far away!)!

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Liz's Mom said...

Don't get too comfortable, Liz. You were excactly the same for us! I always couldn''t figure out why other folks had fussy, babies, who didn't tlike other people, or wouldn't sleep. Your time will come! but you are a spectacular child also, and I'm glad we share our baptismal days!