Saturday, May 14, 2011

more baby

this baby has been kicking me all day.  don't get me wrong, i'm NOT complaining - i love being kicked as much as they like after 20 weeks, it's sanity saving for me, but really? do they have to be so constant? how about once an hour instead of once every 2 minutes? lol

we have a name for baby boy that we're both really happy with (don't worry, you won't find out til everyone else does the day he shows up!), and are getting settled into the idea this is likely going to happen. we moved Beans room over to the room i had thought would be my study, but the layout makes it more simple to have both kiddos in it with the least amount of newly needed furniture. 

the husband is finishing up his undergrad work.  he will be graduating with honors from our top state university in under a month.  his entire family will be staying with us for his graduation and party, so i'm trying to set things up so that visit will be smooth.  moving in just a few months ago, i feel like we're really living nicely here, but there are a few necessities to get completed before family stays.  Like getting a sleeper sofa for the study.  and putting grass (well, moss is what we've chosen to go for in our PNW home) in the front yard.  and write all my papers, do all my projects, and ace my spring quarter with baby boy kicking me 3x a minute....

is it july yet?

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