Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow days ahead

we are still busy with paper writing these days, but the pacific northwest experienced a day-long snow storm complete with amazingly sunny skies and frigid single digit temperatures (i know that's not really "cold" for many of my midwest lutheran friends, but give us a break - it's cold for us!).

our thanksgiving plans to drive to CA to meet our newest little niece are potentially on hold, but Bean and Daddy still had fun this morning walking down the hill to put chains on the truck - Daddy's a superhero because he's braving the roads to help clients who have no heat in this weather.  ahhh, what a lovely man :)

in the meantime, Bean and i are taking mini-excursions around the property every few hours to get our snow fix, and are waiting for the snow to soften up a bit so it will stick together and make the "hugest tallest monster snowman" Bean has been waiting to make this whole storm!

btw - this is my 100th post! can you believe it?! i never thought i'd be a blogger, but guess this goes to show....

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