Tuesday, August 31, 2010

birthday week

last night was the start of birthday week for me.  my dear college girlfriend and i are lucky enough to have birthdays a few days apart, so every year we go out to celebrate together.  this year we went to ethan stowell's tavolata in belltown.  it was so fun to eat fancy food with a lovely friend.  we were given samples of wine to choose which we would like a full glass of, and the waiter was friendly (and kinda cute, too!).
excuse the mini pictures - they're from my phone :)

we started with the Buratta - crostini with a buffalo mozzarella cheese that was light and airy like a marshmellow, marinated artichoke hearts, cilantro, and a light lemon olive oil.

kari had the rigatoni with spicy italian sausage, and i had the potato gnocci with cauliflower.delicious choices!
afterwards, we went to capitol hill and met with some friends of mine for old school custard, and beer at the elysian brewery.  a great start to birthday week, if i do say so myself!


Katie Berger said...

Sounds fantastic! Happy birthday week to you!

melissa said...

sounds like a lovely little birthday celebration...with a lovely birthday buddy. :)