Tuesday, June 22, 2010

30 before 30

I recently read a blog where the woman was talking about one of her checks off a list she titled 30 before 30. I instantly thought that sounded like a fabulous idea, and decided to tackle such a list for myself! Now, I know what ya'll are thinking, 'she's not even 29 yet, and her birthday isn't for 3 months,' but I've decided to make this list with some bigger things on it that could take longer than 1 year. The intent is to revisit this list at the beginning of every month and check off the things I've accomplished. Anyone have a milestone birthday coming up in the next couple months/years, feel free to join me! This could be fun, as well as a little bumpy at times…

  1. Watch the series Sex & the City in entirety (I've only ever seen a random episode here and there, and the 1st movie!)
  2. Learn to bake bread
  3. Stop drinking soda (I had come really close to being able to check this one off, lasting a month, but in the last 2 stressful weeks, I've had 3…..)
  4. Grow my hair long enough to donate a ponytail
  5. Finish knitting James' 31st birthday socks (due 3/21/2010!)
  6. Sew a dress for Hazel
  7. Have a family photo shoot with Jamie Spiro
  8. Teach Hazel to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano
  9. (Learn how to & ) knit a hat for myself
  10. Determine a signature drink that I can order wherever I go, and always have the ingredients for at home
  11. Make my own pickles
  12. Have a stocked liquor cabinet, like an adult
  13. Eat a meal at preservation kitchen
  14. Find my perfect shade of lipstick
  15. Actually get the Luther's Rose tattoo I've been dreaming of for 10+ years
  16. Keep some kind of lovely plant alive in my house or on my porch
  17. Go on a cycling/camping trip with James and Hazel
  18. Eat a meal at poppy.seattle
  19. Sing at church
  20. Ride my bike to the grocery store
  21. Take a theo chocolate factory tour
  22. Reduce (or eliminate) use of plastic bags from the stores
  23. Get my makeup done at a department store counter
  24. Make something fabulous out of anna maria horner's fabric
  25. Find a perfect skin care routine
  26. Finish knitting the paron tunic for myself
  27. Develop a regular yoga routine
  28. Write a song for Hazel
  29. Drink more water every day
  30. Learn to make phad thai from scratch


cbq said...

I have been thinking about a list like this too! I am the same amount away from 30 that you are. Ok, this weekend, writing my list! might end up stealing some of yours!

Tara said...

I love this - Much more than a bucket list. This holds you accountable to a shorter deadline so as NOT to continue putting it off. :)

RE: peanut said...

I love the signature drink idea!! And if you need a hand with the SATC, I'd be more than happy to have a "viewing party"...I own them all.