Friday, February 12, 2010

homemade potty training book

pull-ups cost 32-45 cents each! and i, for one, am totally done with my child being only half interested in using the toilet, and not interested in sitting still for a diaper change. so, i made this potty training book, with her imput, and i'll let you all know how it works. my hope is that the $40 i spent on pull-ups today is the last money i spend on diapering products for this child!

hazel and i went to target today, and she choose this notebook herself for the potty training book.

here is a pencil pouch with all the stickers hazel choose for herself at the store, all cut into 1ish inch sticker bunches (roughly 2-4 stickers a piece).

rules of the potty book: 10 squares (frames) to decorate with stickers. when all 10 are decorated, hazel gets to lift the tag and reveal her super surprise!

this surprise is a popsicle! this keeps us from buying 3 bags of m&m's a week, since mom and dad seem to eat them all after bedtime and have to sontinually replenish the supply! sometimes the surprise is a lollipop, or an ice cream date with daddy, a steamed milk trip with mommy, or a $3 train ride at the park.
here's hoping i have good results!!!

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