Wednesday, October 28, 2009

max and ruby

hazel's new thing, well not new - it's been going on for the last month or so, is watching max and ruby. it's a relatively cute show, even though the more i watch it the more i dislike ruby, i think she bully's little brother max, but on today's episode, i caught something that really bugged me. bear with me....

ruby is collecting autumn leaves as they fall. she has a book with specific leaf outlines that she is supposed to match up with the leaves she finds. fair enough. BUT...

when she first opens the book, the leaf outlines are on the left pages,
when she opens the book the next time to insert a new leaf,
the outlines are on the right page, and again, later,
the outlines move back to the left page!

okay, so i know it's a kids show, but don't the editors get paid? don't they think that parents will ever watch and become irritated with the inconsistancy of page use? seriously?

and yes, i am hormonal so this really doesn't matter, but it bugs me enough to erase the episode from our dvr...... sheesh!

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Rachel said...

you're not a total freak. i'm with you. for me it's finding typos in books. HELLO? don't they pay editors to catch stuff like that? how does a book make it to print with spelling errors?