Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reusing What We Have Already

With James being the manager of our condo complex, he is often putting up postings in entryways for the other residents to read. When we asked the board if we could take the old updates and print the new updates on the backside, they decided they'd rather have new crisp sheets of paper each time. Well, I guess that's for a professional aesthetic, so instead we buy the 80-100% recycled printer paper when we can.
But, yesterday, when H and I were taking down old updates I thought, this is still a lot of paper (27 entryways with 3 sheets of paper each!) - waht can I do with this? So, I created these " coloring books" for H! They're not the cutest but they will get better since this was the first attempt. I either folded the paper so the printed on side was hidden, or taped 2 pages printed side together. Then, I stapled them into books and "bound" them with electrical tape (it was what I had on hand).
H is only 22 months, so they'll get scribbled on, torn, and virtually end up in the recycle bin, but at least I don't have to buy coloring pages for a while!

See, she's already enjoying them!

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